Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Are you legit?

A: You're teaming up with US born & raised, first class fucking criminals. We aren’t running this operation from India like all the other vendors and we accept escrow with orders over 500 USD so if you dont know us try first with escrow.

Q: What name & address should I use?

A: Most people use their home address and a fake first OR last name.  Please do not tell us how the name and address are attached to you.  You can also use ship to an abandoned house, a hotel, a PO box or wherever else you want it.  We can not FEDEX a package to a PO box.  Before mailing the package we confirm that the address is valid checking that with FEDEX.

Q: Is my identity protected?

A: If we get caught with records of our buyers it will make the criminal charges against us far worse.  Because of that we take your privacy & anonymity extremely seriously.  Records are purged on a daily basis. We do this primarily to protect our self’s.

Q: Do you have a reship policy if it doesn’t make it to me?

A: YES we will re-ship the package at no cost to you if it does not get to you.  We have never lost a package within the USA.

Q: Do I have to take any precautions while using the cards?

A: We send a personalized in depth guide with your first order that tells you how to effectivly and safely use our product, if you follow it to the T you won't have anything you need to worry about.

Q: Can my name be put on any of the cards I order?

A: Yes, we can print/emboss your name on the cards if you want.

Q: How discrete is your shipping/packaging and will it pass though customs?

A: We've successfully shipped orders to the US, Mexico, Canada, many European countries, throughout Africa, South America, Australia and Asia. So yes We have discrete packaging and yes customs won't be never an issue if you're ordering from us.

Q: Is Bitcoin the only form of payment you accept?

A: Not, we also accept Monero payments apart of Bitcoin.

Q: Can I just buy the card data?

A: Yes, ask us when ordering and we'll give you the details.